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Why is ‘local’ so important?
We care very much about the social and environmental impacts of large-scale food production and distribution, and believe that sourcing as much food as possible locally from small-scale producers supports the local economy, reduces food miles and is less damaging to the environment. It also means that our customers get fresh food, high in taste and nutritional value, without the addition of preservatives, or other methods used to keep food artificially ‘fresh’.

Why organic?
Organic food contains no pesticides or toxins and is GM free. For example, according to Linda Brown, author of “The Shopper’s Guide to Organic Food”, an organic carrot has spent an extra three weeks in the ground, taken up water more slowly and developed a higher fibre content, as its’ growth has not been artificially speeded up by chemical fertilisers. That is why organic carrots taste sweeter than their watery, chemically grown counterpart.

Why a box scheme?
Many people are concerned about the food they eat, and would like alternatives to supermarkets, but our culture means we are often ‘time-poor’, and would perhaps rather spend our spare time with family and friends than walking from shop to shop looking for good quality, fresh food. A box scheme reduces the time that you have to spend thinking about, and buying food. An order is placed with us (we have a variety of order options – see below), and a box is made up and delivered to you – or you can collect your ready-prepared box from our farm if you would prefer. This means that we meet our customers on a regular basis and you know where your food is coming from, and can give us any feedback – good or bad. We also supply newsletters so that you know what is going on here, and find out about some of our suppliers and producers, and include recipes to help you enjoy your fruit and vegetables to the max!

So, what next?
Give us a ring, or send us an e-mail – our contact details are below – and we can register you as a customer and find out which method of ordering would suit you best. Then just sit back and wait for your first box of fresh, delicious produce to arrive at your door!

Ordering options

By telephone, fax or E mail – a list of available produce will be included in your box which will be delivered on Thursday or Friday (depending on the area in which you live). You just need to choose your produce for the following week, and phone, fax or E mail your order to reach us by 10am on Tuesday morning.

We look forward to hearing from you

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BEACONS VEGGIE BOXES is a producer-run vegetable box scheme operating near Brecon. Our aim is to provide customers with delicious, fresh, locally sourced and/or organically grown fruit, salad and vegetables, either by delivery or collection from our farm. As well as growing approximately 3 acres of vegetables, salad produce and some soft fruit ourselves, we purchase produce from other local growers and producers, and use a near-by organic wholesaler, who buys locally wherever possible. We also offer preserves , eggs (from very free-range chickens),Carolines Real Bread.

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